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In Pakistan little attention is paid to Survivors of acts of Terrorism, or to creating an enabling environment to treat psychological trauma and most survivors of terrorism cope with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), on their own, and almost all cannot fully recover from the trauma.

The Proposed Pakistan Terrorism Survivors Network (PTSN) is being set up as a non-partisan, independent organization to bring together the survivors of terrorism in Pakistan, in a loose grouping to work with other survivors to lessen the pain, and provide some small succor to each other in the immediate, short and long term settlement therapy through individual and collective meetings, and other forms of outreach.

The PTSN works in close collaboration with The Global Survivors Network (GSN), launched in Amman, Jordan, on 9 November 2009 and stems from the 2008 United Nations Symposium on Supporting Victims of Terror. The network provides a platform for survivors of terrorism around the globe to speak truth to terror and add their voices to those condemning acts of terror against innocents.

 The Aims of the Network are:

  1. Provide an effective, private, institutional structure to network, promote, develop, and manage Survivors and Victims of terrorism in Pakistan through inter-disciplinary Communications, capacity building and related activities and skills, in Pakistan.
  2. Create an enabling environment for the survivors and victims of terrorism in Pakistan conducive to their returning to normal life as soon as possible.
  3. Arrange support for the survivors by liaising with public and private organizations / institutions etc.
  4. Arrange fund raising, and collect donations in cash and / or kind for the benefit of the survivors, and assist victims in their recovery, and / or rehabilitation.
  5. Act as a channel for survivors to talk about their trauma.
  6. Provide counseling for survivors.
  7. Bring a diverse range of individuals and groups into the Network.
  8. Interact with advocacy groups, political candidates, public and private entities, elected representatives and others, on behalf of the survivors.
  9. Assist survivors to serve their communities.
  10. Create a cadre of volunteers, to help the Network to achieve its aims.
  11. Facilitate the activities of the any local/foreign organization in Pakistan which further the cause of the network.