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at fourteen she has

so much to live for

but surely not

a bullet in her head


to show the cowardice

of those who can not

stand up and face

a girl of fourteen


because her stand

in their face

makes them afraid

of an idea that she represents


and which may

cast doubts among

the professed guardians

of a religion to which belonged


aisha the wife, all of malala’s age

nasibah steadfast at ohad

fatima the daughter of muhammad (pbuh)

mother to hassan and hussain, wife of ali


zainab bint ali too among the names

umm e kulsum wife of usman

and a list of brave

learned, revered women


negated due to their deliberate desire

of ignoring history and narrative

of fourteen hundred years and more

taught, recounted and remembered


but they in their narrow interpretations

seeking to create a cult militant

ignorant, short on truth

long on hate of things that


go against their desire of leading

without opposition

neither ijmah nor questioning

where the khalifa got the cloth


to make a full shirt

or having two lamp with oil

from the state and self

for work and leisure.


and all this threatened

by a girl of fourteen

wanting to be like

the women of Islam


taught to her by her teachers

ingrained in her mind by parents

practiced by her daily

seen happening in life


and a bullet to the head

to end the life at fourteen

hanging to life in a hospital

by a tenuous thread


are the perpetrators

so afraid now

that a fourteen year old

that too a girl


becomes a threat to their edifice

made like a house of cards

one voice of a girl

against all odds




October 10, 2012

11:53 hours



life beyond surviving a loved ones passing away in an act or terrorism or surviving a terrorist act

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